Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hi everyone,

I hope all of you are doing fine and have lots of pips to enjoy. Just got back from a vacation. 6 days there and I got bored and get back home. Leave my wife and kids there to do their shopping. It seems that I like it better at home than to stay at hotels. Maybe I'm getting old :)

Been a while since I have updated this blog. Been thinking of deleting or selling this blog to anyone who wants it.

Met a friend while on vacation. It seems he is making 15k average per month without even knowing how to trade. Talk about forex with peace of mind. You guys wanna know how he did it? Let me tell you his story.

He wanted to learn from me how to trade but I am reluctant to teach him since this is not something I can teach. I can tell you how I did it but I cant guarantee you can do it the same way I did. Its not pure technical or skill. There are some form of mind control involve. I cant change your mind. You have to do it your self. Free your mind.

He kept asking me how to make money in forex. I gave him a way that is a bit risky but with care everyone can do it. I told him to find a trader that is looking for investors. Lots of new traders around with good skills but low capital. These traders are looking for a way to maximize their income, so they take in few accounts to manage. They trade their own account and at the same time execute the exact same trade on their managed accounts. They take profit from their own account and take commission on manage accounts.

Turns out after 1 year my friend manage to get 15k average monthly income and he knows nothing bout trading. There are few rules to follow if you want to do the exact same way.

1. Study the trader records. At least 3 months maintain profit.
2. Open a trading account with your name tied to your banking account. (dont ever hand him your money)
3. Get the trader details just in case he decide to make a run for it.
4. Ready to accept trading losses. If its a trading loss, accept it and release him from his burden. Trading is already hard enuf. Now you know why I dont manage accounts.
5. Give him your trading account details and leave him alone.
6. Take him out for dinner at the end of the months. Dont ask, let him tell you bout the trading.

Hope that is clear enuf. Those steps are minimal. Extra precaution is always welcome but dont put pressure on the trader. We dont want to send him to a mental hospital or something.

Good luck everyone and happy trading. Im not going to give any trade setup since its all based on situation. If its there, then i trade. Ifs its not there, then I just watch and play with my RC helicopter. My new hobby is RC helicopter btw, a very expensive hobby.... oouch.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Sorry for the less updated blog. I dont feel that I have anything else to put in. The answer is all in here. This was more like a log to me. I put in everything that I learned in forex.

To make things easier, I will summarize it.

What is Forex?
Forex stands for Foreign Exchange Market. Where you buy 1 currency over the other (exchange). Its a business, no matter what people say. It involve buying and selling like any other business only difference is the medium is currency.

How to trade Forex?
The idea behind forex trading is to make profit from the difference in prices. Simply put, buy when the price is low and sell it when the price is high. Its just like the item you buy in stores, the store keeper is selling it at a higher price to make profit except in Forex you can sell first at high price and buy back later when the price is low.

When to buy and when to sell?
Logically you will sell when the price is going down and you will buy when the price is going up. It is simple but in practice this is what killing most traders. Something so simple can be so complicated.

How to know when the price is going down/up?
The price is going down when it no longer making new high. The price is going up when it no longer making new low.

Final advice
Forex is a human activity. It involve buying and selling. Because it is a human activity, it is not predictable. You cannot predict when is the time you need to go to toilet or when you are going to cut your hair. It is all based on situation. Prediction is an over statement of intelligence in Forex. You dont need it.

Fortunately not everything is unpredictable. By nature human tends to follow what other people are doing. In Forex there is something called the Trend. It happen when lots of people are doing the same thing at the same time (follow??). when more and more people are buying, you buy. When more and more people are selling you sell.

Dont get greedy. Put a reasonable target for each trade and get out once you get your target. There will always be another trade tomorrow and you dont have to trade everyday to make profit. Btw, last week I only trade once.

Good luck to all you traders. For the new blood, take your time. Give it 2 years before you can understand it and go for the kill.

Friday, July 23, 2010


When you say trading, people will say trading is an art. Look at all the books that has been published on the subject. They will say the art of trading forex.

In that sense, we must take forex as an art and not a science. I know, some people may not agree with me and all the post that is in this blog. I don't blame them coz I was actually in the same place as they were when I started trading. Trying to find the answer to forex using every logical explanation.

This is the answer that you have been looking for. I am going to give it to you straight away. Let see if your mind can accept it.

Forex is not a science. There is not a single mathematical equation that can explain it. Do not forecast, do not predict, do not anticipate. All you need to do to make profit is to follow the market. If the price is going up, you buy. If the price is going down, u sell. You may not win all the time but if you follow the market, in the end you will be in profit. Make profit and build up your capital up to a point where a few winning trades per month will bring huge profit.

Can you accept it? Can you mind admit it? Is your logical mind challenged? Do you feel helpless? Welcome to the real world :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Human tends to over-complicate things. It is in our nature to try and improve what we have but most of the time we overcomplicated things and forget about the simple solution.

In my previous post, I posted a chart of a basic system. It consist of candle stick chart, moving average and macd. Only 3 indicators and it is a very simple system rite?

The answer is, it is not so simple actually. Candle stick alone tell you 4 things that is, open, close, high and low price. MA tells you direction of trend, entry point, start and end of trend. Macd tell you trend, entry point, reversal point.

From only 3 indicators there are actually 11 information cramp into that small chart. Too much info and decision making is a hard job. Though i filter comments, no one has actually ask about the amount of information on chart. It seems people can accept 11 information at once. Can you manage 11 input at once and make a decision out of it??

Trading is actually much simpler. It is actually possible to make profit with only 1 information. Believe it or not??

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A BASIC SYSTEM - 10/05/10

I posted a basic system before with a chart of GbpUsd. Now I am going to use the same system and post the same pairs again.

Now GbpUsd has cross above LWMA55 and Macd has cross also. This is a new signal. So from now on only consider long position on GbpUsd. Btw anyone notice the price on this chart with the one i posted earlier?

Someone posted trade details. It seems the way I am trading will make me go bankrupt. All I can say is you dont have the idea what Forex is. Maybe I may not know how to handle the current market but my demo account has no drawdown. Maybe its coz im lucky. I just dont know.

I have stop trading the demo on marketiva. For $30 for the monthly winner. It is just a waste of time (Now I am going to reverse trade it). Instead I go for Instaforex forex sniper. Prize money is $1500 for weekly winner. Check out the banner on top.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today marks the end of 4th year I am in Forex and I am still here. Most of the friends that I know trade has already stop. It must mean something to stay here for so long when most people quit. Its either I am really stubborn or I am not losing money. Which one you think?

After 3 days of demo trading I got over 25k of profit from 10k max lot trading. Its over 250pip net profit. Not bad for a part time trader and a 7th place so far. I dont think I can be number 1 coz of limited time I trade. Its a good progress, it shows where I am after 4 years. How about you?

Friday, April 30, 2010


Any system need to have a very good basic to stand on. Once the basic is sort out, then all the accessories can be add on. Just remember not to add too much to it. Today I am going to give a basic system. It consist of only 2 indicators. Being simple, it is able to generate good signal. Just remember to put SL properly.

1. LWMA 55
2. MACD standard setting

Time frame: 30m

Stop Loss : 35 pips

Take Profit : 35 pips or more.

Currencies : EurUsd, GbpUsd, EurJpy, GbpJpy

Trading System:
LWMA act as a thin trend line. If the price is above it, its uptrend. If the price is below it, its downtrend. So you buy or sell according to trend. Never reverse trade. MACD also shows the trend. If MACD is above 0, its uptrend and the other way around.

I have put 3 vertical lines in the chart where MACD cross 0. Once MACD cross 0, you should only trade according to trend. You entry should be on the LWMA 55 or close. At the moment MACD has cross 0 and is heading down. From now on only consider short position. Try to enter as close as possible to LWMA 55.

Caution has to be taken, even though MACD has cross the trend is not yet full down actually. There is another indicator that I use to show trend and its not full down yet. Unfortunately that indicator is no where in the chart because it is not on GbpUsd chart. It is somewhere else.

Now you wonder why its not there. The truth is most people fail because what they are looking for is not there. That is what I meant with looking at the wrong direction. The trend indicator for GbpUsd is not on GbpUsd chart. Weird isnt it?

You can take this basic system and try to add on what ever system you have. Hopefully it is useful. Good Luck